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Birthing Purposes LLC Services

Legacy Building

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Vision Boards for Adults and Youth

Visual Path and Destiny

Its only a dream if the vision is not written or visualized. Youth activities such as vision boards will allow participants to engage in empowering conversation, affirmations, realizations, and pathway discussions to fulfill destiny.

Seas of Inspiration

Book readings and signings

Upon request reading opportunities are available.  Reading children's books allows for reading comprehension and understanding of core family values through discussions and illustrations. Emphasizing core curriculum topics for grade levels as well.
Sea Lessons with Daddy has a free workbook available with a purchase full of youth activities emphasizing core values.


CUS2 Mentoring Program

Birthing Phenomenal Women
CUs2 (Courageous Unique Sistas 2)  is our mentoring division. Exploring topics that equip and inspire youth to be successful on their journey. Learning how to handle diverse situations, embrace the differences of others and accepting themselves.
Inspired by our youth and guided by our Seniors...the experts!

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